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Data Files For Uploading

Data Files  Data for uploading may be supplied as a spreadsheet or an XML or CSV text file. The full list of data fields is described in Data Fields For Uploading.

XML Files  XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is designed to transport and store data. For example

    <title>Example XML Business</title>
    <summary>A simple business, chosen to illustrate XML format</summary>
    <sector>Example Businesses</sector>
    <subsector>Example XML Businesses</subsector>
    <country>Any Country</country>
    <region>Any Region</region>

where the records (businesses) and the fields (data) must be marked by opening and closing tags but the layout is otherwise unimportant.

CSV Files  CSV stands for comma-separated values. For example

  12345,"Example CV Business","A simple business, chosen to illustrate CSV format.",
    Example Businesses,Example CSV Businesses,Any Country,Any Region,123000,L

where the fields are separated by commas and the values must be enclosed in quotes if they contain commas. There should be line breaks between records but those within records are ignored.